December News!!

                                                                                 December 3, 2013

Dear Parents,

         Happy Holidays!  Are you ready for this season?  We are busy growing and learning in our classroom.  I am seeing success and progress with each of your fun Kindergarten students!  We finished learning about letters, pumpkins, and Thanksgiving during the month of November.  Not to mention we completed Chapter 3 of our math program!  Yay! Go Kindergarteners!

         Many of our Power Hour groups have also finished their letter sequence review and are now beginning Guided Reading.  We have been working on Phonemic Awareness- which are the sounds we hear in words.  Please reinforce this important skill at home. (e.g. “Johnny what sounds do you hear in cat?” Johnny replies /c/ /a/ /t/.) Simple quick questions like that go a long way! And once again a quick reminder

about POWER HOUR- this starts right at 9:00 every morning, so it is vital your children are on time for class! It’s really a half an hour, but it is the most important half hour of our day!

         We will continue to work on learning our second LEADER IN ME skill-which is Begin With The End In Mind. This means that we have a plan- we are aiming for a goal!  Everyday after we say the Pledge of allegiance we will recite our school motto which is: “We’re learning today for a better tomorrow.”  Our third skill is: Put First Things First.   I hope to begin this one about the third week of December!

When you do your homework PLEASE WRITE WITH A PENCIL!  Practice not only makes perfect, but it makes permanent! (Unless of course your homework calls for coloring J.)

         Please remember to turn in your orange Read Aloud chart for November as a new one for December is included in tonight’s homework!  

Star of the Week:

Jay C.     12/4/2013 (Wednesday) 10:30 AM

Jaslyn R.  12/10/2013 (Tuesday)  11:00 AM

Quinten K. 12/19/2013 (Thursday) 11:00 AM

On the Calendar:

  • Early-Out every Wednesday.

 AM: 8:55-10:55; Ex. Day: 8:55-1:25

*     Book Orders Due: Fri. Dec. 6th.

*     Winter Break 12/22 Through 1/3. School will resume on 1/5/2014

Coins for Christmas!!!!

As a Kindergarten team we will be collecting coins in a jar to give to someone in our community who is in need this Holiday Season.  If you have some spare change under a couch cushion please send it in!  Every penny counts!


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